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Quadruped Dumbbell Row

By August 5, 2020August 12th, 2020SaveTrainer


  • lynette says:

    You can do it prone on your bed with your arm off the edge. Place your opposite hand under your forehead so your head and neck are neutral. You can also use a cushion under your knees and a physioball under your belly to unweight your knees.

  • Mary Valeria Haynes says:

    Video plays; however, it’s not free.

  • Brenda says:

    My video will not play, either.

    • SaveTrainer says:

      Hello Brenda! We’re very sorry for the inconvenience! May we know if you’ve tried using a different browser?

  • Chris says:

    Video won’t play. Can’t find it when I sign in, either. How can I access this exercise?

    • SaveTrainer says:

      We’re very sorry for the inconvenience, Chris! May we know if you’ve tried using a different browser to watch this exercise video? Also, we apologize for the confusion but please note that you would need to sign up to SaveTrainer to access the full workout class. You can try it for free here:

  • Joan says:

    I have degenerative disc disease with cercical and thoracic spinal stenosis and scoliosis. Don’t know if this ok to do.

    • Jeany says:

      Joan, how was this diagnosed? I have some of those issues as well. Are you in Alabama?

    • SaveTrainer says:

      Hi there Joan! We’re very sorry to hear that. Since your situation is unique, we suggest consulting with a physical therapist to know which exercises are safe for you to do. We wish you great health!

  • Denise Abdale says:

    What if you can’t get on your knees due to knee problems – I can’t kneel. Can you do this sitting on a bench?

    • Mari Romeo says:

      You can do it standing. If you need to hold onto a bench or something hard and stable and just bend over with you body about 45 degrees. It will work just as well

    • SaveTrainer says:

      Hello Denise! Yes, you can perform the dumbbell row while seated. We recommend you bend slightly forward at your hips. Enjoy exercising!

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